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5 reasons Florida homeowners choose roof tiles

Roof tiles are a very popular roofing system in Florida, and with good reason. Tile roofs look good and perform admirably under harsh weather conditions.

From Naples to Orlando to Tallahassee, and all points in between, tile roofing systems have emerged as a top choice in many residential communities.

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Below are five reasons that Florida homeowners are choosing roof tiles:

(1) Durability

Elite Roofing and Restoration uses only top-grade roofing materials. The concrete roof tiles we source are among the most durable in the roofing industry. Most manufacturers’ warranties cover 15 to 20 years, although properly installed roof tiles can easily last longer with routine care and maintenance.

Roof tiles are designed to withstand extreme heat, torrential rain and intense UV rays. That trio of weather conditions can decrease the lifespan of most materials, but roof tiles are resilient. Additionally, insects and rodents cannot chew or damage concrete roof tiles.

(2) Appearance

Florida features cities with names like Naples and Venice. Residential communities in the Sunshine State are named after picturesque Italian towns like Positano, Sorrento and San Marino.

It’s no surprise that Italian and Mediterranean architectural features also are common in Florida, none more so than roof tiles. Tiles are elegant, sophisticated and conjure up images of Old World style.

Roof tiles often feature blends of orange, red and brown, but manufacturers can create dozens of color variations. Many homeowner associations in Florida require tile roofs to create cohesion and uniformity within a neighborhood.

(3) Energy Savings

Roof tiles are not the least expensive roofing material on the market. However, they are an investment that pays long-term dividends in the form of significant energy-savings potential.

Tiles emit heat rather than absorb it, and lighter-colored tiles also can reflect sunlight. The shape of barrel tiles also allows a natural air flow between the tiles and roof decking.

Because concrete roof tiles are essentially fireproof, some insurance companies will even provide a discount on annual premiums.

(4) Low Maintenance

Properly installed roof tiles are locked in place. They will remain in place until something, or someone, displaces them. Weather and time can cause that disruption, but unless there is a significant weather event like a hurricane, that disruption can be years away.

Elite Roofing and Restoration recommends inspections twice annually – once before rainy season and once after rainy season. That helps catch any potential issues before they become problems.

Beyond scheduling inspections, homeowners really only have a single item on their maintenance checklist. A roof cleaning is vitally important to keep tiles in tip-top condition. Rainwater can lead to mold growth, discoloration and premature failure. It’s important to use a professional roof cleaner for this annual service.

(5) Longevity

As noted above, roof tiles are durable and long-lasting. Replacing a roofing system is a costly expense. Well-maintained tile roofs often last 20, 25 or even 30 years. That means homeowners may only need to replace a tile roof once or twice during their adult lives, rather than three or four times.

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